About this documentation

This documentation refers to the smile2 version 2.0.2 software. The content may or may be not applicable to other versions of the smie2 software. This documentation is regularly updated. The most recent version can be found on-line under service.neomicra.org/doc/smile2/.

This documentation includes a user manual, tutorials, a reference section, and the Python litho package documentation.


This documents do not include explicit documentation for the sniper hardware EBL/IBL Systems. Please refer to the sniper manual, for a documentation of the sniper system.

Conventions used in this manual


Shortcut letters are shown in this manual like they appear on a keyboard; for example:

refers to the lowercase a.
Shift, Ctrl, Alt
are specified as modifier keys.
Ctrl-X, Shift-Alt-A, …
indicates that these keys should be pressed simultaneously
Numpad0 to Numpad9, NumpadPlus
refer to the keys on the separate numeric keypad.

Other keys are referred to by their names, such as Esc, Tab, F1 to F12.


Mouse buttons are denoted as:

Left Mouse Button
Right Mouse Button
Middle Mouse Button
Scrolling the wheel.


In the reference section, attributes are documented in this way:

Long Name
shortName dist10 (⇨ type) dist50 plug_in plug_out , f_default default_value

for example,

rotation dist10 (⇨ double) dist50 plug_in plug_out , f_default 0

The meaning is the following:

Long Name
Name visible in the attribute editor.
Name, visible in the node editor. It is also the identifier to access the attribute form Pyhton or form expressions.
Data type of the attribute. Links to the reference of the type.
The attribute is writable and other attributes can be plugged in.
The attribute is readable and the output can be connected to other attributes.
f_default default_value
The default value of this attribute.