This chapter explains how licensing and license keys work, and how to install them.


License Keys

In order to be able to run smile2, one or more license keys are required. A license key is always bound to a computer or a hardware lock and unlocks one feature.

In more detail, with a license key, the following can be verified by smile2:

  • Major version of smile2 (eg. 2.0, 2.1, …)
  • Feature
  • Hardware ID/Lock ID
  • Time limit (if any)

License Options

neomicra provides two options to license smile2 feature:

Node locked
With this option smile2 uses hardware information form your computer, to generate a computer-specific ID. License keys issued for this ID, are only valid on this computer.
Hardware Lock
A hardware lock is an USB-stick (dongle) with an unique ID, issued by neomicra. License keys issued for this ID, are valid on any computer, if the stick is plugged to this computer.


We strongly recommend to choose the dongle option.

Installing & managing licenses

In order to start smile2 on your computer, you need to install the keys issued by neomicra. If you do not have a key file (or it got lost), the License Manager can be used to query a new license.


The License Manager starts automatically, if no valid license keys are found. To start the license manager manually

  • on Windows: Activate it from the Start Menu -> neomicra -> License Manager
  • on Linux: Type smile2 --licMgr on a terminal emulator.


If you have a Hardware Lock, this lock must be plugged in.

Usually, license keys are sent by email. In order to install these keys, you can:

  • Use Install License tab of the License Manager . To do so:

    1. start the License Manager, and change to the Install License tab.
    2. Copy the relevant lines from your email (select and Ctrl+C)
    3. Press the Paste button in the License Manager.
    4. If you have already installed other licenses that you would like to keep (eg. for an other dongle), uncheck Disable old licenses
    5. The License Manager should inform you about the amount of valid keys found in the pasted text. Press Install to install and save the keys.

    The three tabs of the license manager.

  • Add the keys manually to the license file.

    smile2 stores all keys in a single file. This file is located by default in your Documents/smile2/data/lic.dat, and is a simple text file, containing the license keys. To install new keys, you can simply add them to this file.


    The location of this file can be changed, by setting one of the SMILE_LIC, SMILE_LIC_FILE or LITHO_LIC_FILE environment variables. More details about this, can be found in the Environment Variables chapter.

    This feature is especially on multi-user system very handy, since the license file can be put to a common location (eg. C:\smile2-lic or /etc/smile2-lic.dat) and shared between users.