Write Mode Tools & Utilities

smile2 comes with a series of built-in tools, command and utility scripts that help you to setup your task in write mode, and control the hardware. The following chapter gives an overview, with pointers to a more detailed documentation.


Write Mode Tool
The default tool in write mode is the WriteModeTool. It lets you select, move and rotate elements. See WriteModeTool for more information.
On Stage Align Tool ( actimg0 )
With the help of this tool, exposure task groups can be aligned, based on scans and markers. See Align on stage for more information.
Wafer Align Tool ( actimg1 )
This tool can reposition wafers, based on scans. This is necessary, if the physical wafer changed it’s position or orientation on the stage (after remounting it).
Create Wafer Tool ( actimg2 )
Tool to interactively draw wafers. See Create Wafer Path Tool.