Document Area

The document area is the central part of the application. It acts as a container for the document view.


The documents area is the central part of the main window.

It can display only one document in full-screen mode or more documents (side-by-side) in window mode,


The document view with no open documents (left), in full-screen mode (center) and in in window mode (left).

The Restore button in Document Window Panel on the top left of the application window can be used to toggle from the full-screen mode to the window mode.


The Document Window Panel contains the minimize, restore and close button.

In the window mode the buttons in the title-bar of each Document View (doc_view_window_panel/doc_view_window_panel_hidden_view) can be used to:

  • Minimize the document view window (doc_view_minimize)
  • Maximize the document view window (doc_view_maximize)
  • Shade button (doc_view_hide) (hides the content and shows only the title bar) the document view window
  • Close the document view window (doc_view_close)


By closing the document view the document itself is also closed.


The window mode of the current version of smile2 for Linux, suffers from some some “annoying” bugs. Therefore we strongly recommend to not use the window mode in the Linux version.

For a documentation of the document view, consult the document view chapter.