Layer Editor


The Layer Editor is located by default at the bottom-right area of the main window. It’s visibility can be toggled with the tb button found in the quick dock-bar button group:


The Layer Editor lets you quickly manage layers, its contents and its properties.


The Layer editor.


Layers are an important concept to organize data. If you are not familiar with layers, consult the Concepts chapter and the Layer node reference.

Beside a menu and a toolbar (containing layer specific actions), the main element of the layer editor is a list view, containing a list of all layers present in the current document. The selected entry marks the active layer. This layer is special, because newly created objects are placed in this layer.

Each layer entry displays its color, its visibility, if its locked, and its name.


A layer entry in the list view.

All objects within a layer are drawn with the color of the layer. The “color indicator” on from of the entry, can be used to change the layer color. A click on it, opens the color chooser. A click on the “eye” changes the layers visibility, and a click on the “lock” the lock status of the layer.

The menu of the Layer Editor has two entries: Layers and Edit. Layers contain actions specific for the layer itself:


The menu bar of the layer editor.

Activating Add Layer will open the Command options window for the Add Layer command:

Here, one should note, if you leave the setting unchanged, a “default name” and “default color” will be generated automatically for the new layer.


Action: Remove Layer and Contents.

The Remove Layer and Contents action removes the active layer and all the objects within this layer.


Action: Remove Layer only.

The Remove Layer only action, removes the active layer. The content is not removed and becomes “layer-less” (light-blue color in the document view and and white Outliner).

Add selection moves all selected in the document objects to the active layer (selected).


Action: Add selection.

A click on Select objects selects all objects in the document, which belong to the active layer.


Action: Select objects.

To simplify and speed up the work with Layers the most often used actions layers_speed_up_buttons are also placed in the toolbar of the layer editor.


To create a new object in the specified layer the layer should be active (it should be selected).

A new group is also placed active layer, independently on the group content layers. Duplicated objects and objects after Boolean operations also go into the active layer, independently on the layer membership of the sources.

See also

The Layer node reference.