The Outliner is located by default in the top-left area of the main window. It’s visibility can be toggled with the tb button found in the quick dock-bar button group:


The Outliner (in Edit-mode)

The Outliner shows a “tree-like” list of objects (more precise: transform nodes). By default list is sorted “globally” and does not depend on the layer membership. The objects can be also be displayed per layer. (objects of the first layer will be shown first, in the order they were created, than the objects of the second layer, and so on). The “Sort Elements per Layer” layer_sort_sm button can be used to toggle between these two modes.


This view can be used to select, hide/show, rename, or change the order and hierarchy of objects.


This view allows the selection of single multiple items in the following ways:

  • Single item selection is preformed with a single click (left mouse button)
  • Region selection (a continuous list of items) is performed by selecting the first item with the left button. and the last item by an other click while the SHIFT key is held.
  • Single items can be added (or removed - if selected) to the selection with a mouse click while the Ctrl key is held.
  • Click on the outliner-sel_childs icon (only groups have it) to select all items in this group.


Selected items can be manipulated in the “usual way”, eg. grouped with the shortcut Ctrl+G or deleted with the Del key.


Selected items can be dragged and dropped from one place in the list to an other with the middle mouse button.


The main difference compared to other applications is, that in smile2 drag-and-drop operations are always preformed with the middle mouse button.


Items can also be dropped in groups or “taken out” from groups.

Editing Items


“Anatomy” of items.

The Outliner can also be used to rename or to hide or show objects.


can be changed by toggling the “eye” icon eye at the end of each visible object. Note, that invisible objects are only displayed if the Show hidden objects in the header is on. If so, they are displayed with a darker color and an italic font.


This toggle changes the visible attribute of the transform node. It can also be changed in the Attribute Editor in the Transform settings sheet.

To rename an item (object/group), double-click on it. It turns to an editable filed. To accept the input (confirm the name change) press Enter.