Tool Settings

This dock-window shows attributes of the active tool. The content of this window depends on the active tool.


The tool settings dock-window for: a - no document is open, b - the Select tool , c - the Move tool </tools/MoveTool> (default tool in edit mode).


The tool settings is located by default in the top-right area of the main window. It’s visibility can be toggled with the tb button located in the quick dock-bar button group:



Most tools are located in the Create and Tools items in the Main Menu or in Action Shelf under the tabs Create or Tools.

Similar to the Command options window, the tool settings offer Presets. Presets are the user settings that can be saved and loaded later. More Information about presets can be found in the Command options window chapter.

See also

The Command options window for a documentation of Presets.

A reference of available tools and their options can be found in the tool reference.