Leaf type, that cannot be exposed, and holds an image that is mapped to a rectangular region (described in local coordinates). This node is mainly used to hold scans (images acquired form the SEM).


Since this node is mainly intended to show “features seen” on a wafer/on the stage, objects with this node type as a leaf, transform differently (in the opposite way) with respect to the alignment matrix.


Multiple instances (references) of these leafs are supported, but you should nod do it, since the same scan on two different locations is confusing and a path to time-consuming mistakes.

Attribute Reference


niceName dist10 (⇨ wstring) dist50 plug_in plug_out , f_default Unnamed

Human readable name of this node (eg. “Rectangle 1”). The name can be changed to any string in the Attribute Editor or in the Outliner.

Other Attributes

Scan area

area dist10 (⇨ rect) dist50 plug_in plug_out , f_default Unspecified

Rectangular area (in local coordinates), where the area is mapped to.


(mostly for programmers) Non-rectangular regions can be realized by using the mask channel of the image plug.

Autonormalize Values

autoNormalize dist10 (⇨ bool) dist50 plug_in plug_out , f_default False

If on the values of the image are stretched to fit the [0,1] range.


This is just a display feature. It does not modify any values on the input image.

Intensity Display

colorDisplay dist10 (⇨ DisplayMode) dist50 plug_in plug_out , f_default Greyscale

Mode how to display the image.

Scan image

image dist10 (⇨ hdr_image) dist50 plug_in plug_out , f_default Empty Image

Input high dynamic range image.


(mostly for programmers) The (display) system expects at least one channel, called "intensity" or "intensity0". Optionally, the image can contain a channel called "mask". It is used to “mask out” regions (values >= 1.0 are fully opaque, values of 0, fully transparent, and values <0 are undefined).

Object Name

name dist10 (⇨ string) dist50 plug_in plug_out , f_default Unnamed

Object name. The object name can be used to address objects from PYTHON scripts or from an expression (eg. in the Attribute Editor). More information about object names can be found Object Names