Unlike other EBL software, smile2 does not save a random bunch of structures in a single database file, but uses one file (a Document) for each structure. This makes it easier to organize, edit and transfer structures between different systems.

The purpose of smile2 projects is to help you organizing your work. Especially on systems where many users work with smile2 on different kind of topics, projects are a good way to keep order.

Projects keep track of the following:

  • Documents (structures)
  • Saved scans, matrices and other related data
  • Tool and command presets
  • User interface settings
  • Recent used file lists
  • Default settings for new documents


It is not a requirement to save smile2 documents in the dedicated doc project folder. They can saved anywhere on your computer. However, it is recommended to use this folder, since it helps you to keep order in your work.

If a project has many documents it might also be a good idea to create sub-folders in the doc/ folder.

Technically, a smile2 project is a folder (by default located in My documents/smile2/projects/). It includes some configuration files, and a bunch of directories. Each sub-directory keeps a certain type of files. For example, all documents belonging to a project are stored in the Documents sub-folder (default name is doc/). All User interface setting and tool and command presets are stored in the ui folder, and so on.


The active project is stated in the header of the smile2 application.