Stage View

In contrast to the document view in edit and align mode (where the view is focused on a single structure), the document view in write mode, focuses on the stage, and can display many structures. This allows the user to place, arrange, and align structures (or more general task elements) on different stage positions.

The working principle of the stage view [1] is similar to the structure view in edit and align mode. However in write mode, one manipulates structure elements and structure groups, instead of “shapes”.

  • A task element is either a document, a part of a document or a view of a document that can/should be exposed or a scan task that has to be performed.
  • A structure group is a logical coordinate system, that defines the virtual orientation of all structure elements located in this group. Consult the Understanding the Stage View chapter for more information.

Similar to objects in edit and align modes, elements on the stage view can be selected, duplicated, deleted, manipulated with the move and rotate pivot, and aligned (with the on stage align tool).

The attributes of the selected elements can be changed with the Attribute Editor, and the structure list view can be used in a similar fashion to the Outliner.

Consult the following chapters for more details.


[1]For the sake of simplicity, we call the document view in write mode stage view.