After starting smile the basic user interface without any open documents, called the Main Window appears. To create a document/structure click on the new_icon icon in the top Tool-bar or select File → New for the Main Menu . After this, smile2 looks like :


The smile2 Main Window after creating a new document

The above screen shot shows the default configuration of smile2. The central view displays the currently active document. It is surronded by number of dock windows and tool windows. These embedded windows can be rearranged. The figure below shows some arrangements.


Three different arrangements of the dock-windows and tool-bars in the smile2 Main Window

To undock a dock window, double-ckick on its title bar or click on the undock-button (located in its title bar). To dock it, drag it to the place where you want it to be.


Dock windows (docked and undocked) can be resized with the resize handles on their outer margins.


Example of a dock window (left) and a tool window (right). Both windows can be decoupled (undocked) from the main window and docked in different places of the main window.

smile2 lets you organize your work in Projects and Documents. A project is basically a folder on your hard-disk, containing different kind of settings and a collection of Documents. Refer to the Projects chapter for more information how to use projects.

Working with smile2 always means to work with documents. smile2 has a Multi Document Interface (MDI), therefore more documents can be open and edited at the same time. Elements can be copy-pasted from one document to another. A document in smile2 usually contains one structure. However, other documents can be referenced and included. A description how documents work, can be found in the Documents chapter.