Main Toolbar

The main toolbar is an action container that contains a collection of icons/bars.


The default main toolbar.

By default the main toolbar has six sections for different tool types: File tools, edit tools, view tools, display space, hardware, and windows. All sections have separators which have two modes: the buttons in any section are shown if the separator is in on-mode separator_opened or hidden behind the corresponding separator if the separator is in off-mode separator_closed. To hide or show back the buttons in the section the corresponding separator should be clicked.

File tools main_toolbar_file_tools

new Create a new document

open Open already existed document

save Save the document in the document view

Edit tools main_toolbar_edit_tools

undo Undo the last action/event

redo Redo the action/event if undo-operation was wrong

copy_selection Copy selected object

paste Past copied object

del_bt Delete selection

duplicate_b Duplicate selection (simple duplication)

to_back Bring selection to back

to_front Bring selection to front

View tools main_toolbar_view_tools

snap-to-points Snap to points (vertixes, centers etc.)

snap_to_grid Snap to grid (grid cell size in the box on the right, in mkm units)

select_groups Select Groups

select_shapes Select Objects

select_components Select Points

Display space main_toolbar_display_space



Hardware main_toolbar_hardware

beamoff Blanker high, Beam off (Blanker shuts the beam)

beamon Blanker low, Beam on (Blanker goes away and opens the beam)

center_all Rezero all analog outputs (describtion!!!)

Windows main_toolbar_windows

stage_ctl Open Stage Control window

action_edit Open Action window (list of actions/icons)

log_window Show/Hide message window (system messages and script outputs)

nodeeditor Open Node editor (add/edit links between objects)

scriptedit Open script editor (write/load scripts for special tasks)